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13-Year-Old Coburn Sands Wins Junior Division of Central Bank Art Competition


This year, Coburn Sands, a 13-year-old eighth grade student at SAC has entered the high school division of the Central Bank annual art competition. His sculpture, which he calls "The Seed" is a response to this year's topic, "A Penny for Your Thoughts."

The body of the sculpture is made from wrapped wire that was twisted and tied together to form a tree trunk. It was plastered and painted. "To make the branches more realistic, I used branches from the palm tree and glued them to the wire," says Coburn in his video submission. "As the tree represents the Bahamas, I used photo copies of Bahamian bills, from the $100 bill to the 50 cent bill, and made paper roses, which represent the many fortunes it can create."

Coburn added coins to the base of the sculpture, a large rock, to represent seeds. The "ground" was most challenging; his father cut a pvc pipe which Coburn covered in felt and real soil. In the hollow portion of the pipe, he attached a penny (the seed) to a wire to act as a main root. This wire is attached to the rock. "The seed has blossomed into all fortunes of flowers..." says Coburn.

He ends his submission with a humorous allusion to the popular idiom, "And they say money doesn't grow on trees." Coburn entered the competition last year. Although he did not place, he received honorable mention.

See his video submission below. 

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