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Class of 2005 Donates Sanitary Bins for Girls' Bathrooms

One of the initiatives of the Student Council for the 2021-2022 school year was to place sanitary bins in each stall in the girls' bathrooms.

Kobe Forbes, president of the Student Council, reached out to Senator Barry Griffin '05 to make a donation to that end. Senator Griffin then called on members of his graduating class to help with this initiative.

St. Augustine's College would like to thank members of the class of 2005 for answering the call.

The bins were presented by Kendria Ferguson, Nadia Bain, McCardia Fawkes, Stankeisha Pinder, and Senator Barry Griffin.

We also thank the following people who also donated: Deondra Lightbourne, Errolisa McPhee, Danielle Ferguson, Pacardia Knowles, Darnelle Davais, Andia Delancey, Keri Josey, Tara Dames, Sheva Lloyd, and Ava Knowles.

Thank you for lending a hand to help your alma mater!

If you are interested in making a donation to SAC, please send an email to

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