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Mrs. Norda Johnson Retires After 34 Years of Teaching

Johnson, Norda MRS..JPGMrs. Norda Johnson is one of three staff members who has retired from SAC in the last 2 years. She served St. Augustine's College for 35 years before saying goodbye in 2020.

Mrs. John began working at SAC in 1985 as a mathematics teacher. Soon after her arrival, she became the moderator of the sewing club out of a desire to help students become more self-sufficient. She taught many students how to create bags, pencil cases, pillows, place mats, aprons, and do embroidery.

She also co-moderated the ecology club and played a major role in the transformation of the pond. "It was a pleasure to put turtles into the pond and to watch the kids take turns feeding the fish," says Mrs. Johnson.

Known for being a no-nonsense teacher, Mrs. Johnson says that she hopes her students will always remember that 'diligence pays dividends' and that acknowledging God daily is not an option.

At a retirement luncheon held earlier this summer, Mrs. Johnson was presented with a painting by art teacher, Marco Mullings '95 that reflects her love for nature. She was also gifted a tropical themed vase from the math department.

Thank you for your service to the Big Red Machine, Mrs. Johnson. Do know you are a SACCER for life and your legacy is etched into the history of this institution.

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