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SAC Graduates Awarded $80,000 All Merit Scholarships

Both Alyssa Forbes and Kiran Halkitis, SAC graduates, were awarded All Merit Scholarships valued at $80,000.

Forbes, who graduated in 2021, highest honours with a 3.97 GPA, scored 1270 on the SAT exam, and got 8As on the BGCSE exams. She also won the Economics and the Achyntia Garikaparthi Memorial Economics Award at matriculation from SAC. Additionally, Forbes received the award for the essay with the highest mark on the 2018 BJC English Language exam. 

She is currently studying economics at Case Western University, where she received a scholarship valued at $233,808.

Halkitis, who graduated in 2019, honours with a 3.71 GPA, scored 31 on the ACT exam, and got 8As on the BGCSE exams. He also received an award for his high score on the 2019 Economics BGCSE. 

Halkitis is currently studying computer science, mathematics, and statistics and the University of Western Ontario. 

Congratulations to you both! 


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