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The Search Continues: New SAC Principal Leadership Profile

"The Board of Members, Saint Augustine's College, and the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Nassau, The Bahamas, invites applications and nominations for the post of Principal of Saint Augustine's College (SAC or the College). The College is a Roman Catholic secondary school with a Benedictine heritage. As such, it is unique within the education system in The Bahamas. 

In maintaining its Catholic and Benedictine identity, SAC's fundamental principles are:

  • to ensure that the school's operation will be conducted in harmony with the fundamental commitments of the Catholic Church;
  • that the curriculum, programmes, and activities of the school give tangible eveidence of the school's Catholic and Benedictine identity; 
  • that as many members of religious orders, clergy, and Catholic and Benedictine laity be active in academic, administrative, and other roles at the school as their talents, training and time permit; and
  • that the school's operation is conducted in harmony with the Catholic and Benedictine tradition and thereby advance the renewal of the human community through the practices of faith and reason, justice, peace, stewardship, the arts, and sciences.  

The SAC Principal Search Committee is charged with identifying candidates with experience and proven leadership qualities. Ultimately, the successful candidate will be required to collaborate with all major stakeholders and will emphasize the delivery of a quality education which will enhance graduates' success in the world. The innovative, dynamic, student-centered principal will also ensure that students, faculty, and staff are treated appropriately and that the school environment promotes a feeling of safety and security. To assist with the identification of potential candidates, this profile document provides information about the College, leadership agenda, serch process, the desired qualifications for the next principal. It is envisioned that a finalist will be selected for the approval for His Grace Archbishop Patrick C. Pinder, S.T.D., C.M.G., by Spring 2021 with the successful candidate taking up the post at a date to be determined." 

Read the full document below: 

SAC Principal Leadership Profile
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