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Three Teachers Say Goodbye to St. Augustine's College

Shauna Kay Arthurs 4.jpgThis school year at St. Augustine's College will begin without a number of familiar faces.

One such face is that of Mrs. Shauna Kay Arthurs who began working at SAC in 2008 as a Computer Studies teacher.

Having a keen passion for student participation in STEM subjects, she accompanied students to the Girls in ICT Day Conference, and as co-moderator of the Google CS Club, traveled with the team to Dubai to compete in the First Global Robotics Challenge.

An avid Leonardite, she played a pivotal role in increasing student participation, which led to an historic win for the house in the 2020 interhouse track and field meet. Her exuberant cheers of "Go Leonard!" will be missed. 

Duran McNeil 3.jpgAlso saying goodbye to the Big Red Machine is Mr. Duran McNeil, who started teaching Computer Studies at SAC in 2013.

Passionate about computer science, he established the Google CS Club at SAC to expose students to the area of study beyond the classroom. Students learned how to code, and build robots in the club. Mr. McNeil has travelled with club members to compete in the First Global Robotics Challenge in China in 2017, and then Dubai in 2019.

Thank you for leaving an idelible mark on your students and for helping them represent SAC and The Bahamas in the field of robotics.

Christian Wilmore 2.JPGSt. Augustine’s College also says goodbye to Mr. Christian Wilmore, who began working at SAC as a Biology teacher in September 2017, later adding Physics to his portfolio. A 2011 graduate, and a former Student Council president, Mr. Wilmore’s SAC pride runs deep.

As an International Basketball Federation (FIBA) Elite Referee, Mr. Wilmore used his skills to moderate BAISS games as well as inter house games, making sure not to allow his bias for Bernard house to influence his calls.

If you took a walk down the 70s block while Mr. Wilmore was instructing, although you may not have seen him through the windows, you most definitely would have heard his voice echo down the hallway. Though his time at St. Augustine’s as a teacher may have been short, he used his voice to have a powerful impact on his students and coworkers alike.

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