St. Augustine's College is a co-educational school committed to the growth and development of its students' physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Saint Augustine’s College has a history of academic and athletic prowess dating back to its inception in 1945. When students enter the gates of SAC, they are met with high academic standards, qualified and experienced teachers, and a culture of discipline and Godliness.

These pillars form the foundation of a Saint Augustine’s College education that ensures students are well-equipped to not only function, but be successful in their tertiary careers or in the workplace. This is evident in the prevalence of SAC alumni who are leaders in every major sector in Bahamian society: business, education, the judiciary, politics, religion and sports.

The most important pillar of the SAC foundation is our commitment to the principles and philosophies of the Roman Catholic, Benedictine tradition. We start each morning off with prayer and with “The Lord is my Light” as our motto, we instill in our students Christian morals and an awareness of God that will make them useful, productive and law-abiding citizens of the wider community.

The academic competency that SAC students display is a result of trained by highly qualified teachers, 35% of whom have earned a master's degree, and 66% of whom have served the institution for more than 10 years. This creates a sense of stability which helps students maintain the standards of the school.

We have more than:

  • 20 outstanding athletic teams

  • 30 extracurricular clubs & opportunities 

Your interest in St. Augustine's College is well received, and your questions are welcomed as you go through the admissions process.


Applications for the class of 2028 are OPEN! The next test date is Friday, January 28, 2022 at St. Augustine's College.

Please review the Admissions Process page for detailed information regarding the admissions process.


Applications for transfer students will be available in June 2022.